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The software, running on pc and mac, provides a personalized and easy-to-program interface between a Blackmagic Design ATEM mixer, any number of Blackmagic Design Hyper decks and any number of I/O interface modules with 16 to 64 inputs and outputs (sold separately). With the I/O interface module you get a simple way to realize tally signalisation. You also get the possibility to reflect the 2nd M / E to your tally signalisation. This is not possible with the original Blackmagic Design Tally module.

The software also reads out the names and durations of connected hyperdeck SSDs. You can manage clips in a kind of playlist. This makes it possible, for example by pressing a button, either on the software interface, on the Blackmagic Design ATEM mixer, or an on the I/O interface module plugged button, to start a clip, and after the end of a clip, automatically switch to a predetermined source.

Our midi extension can also control a digital audio mixer. For example, if the clip started, the audio channel of the talent will be faded out automatically, and faded back in after the end of a clip. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Is a multi-channel Slow Motion unit connected to the ATEM mixer, our software can manage the stinger effects. Is cut from a live image on slow motion, it is common to use a stinger effect. To get from one to another slow motion channel, a normal crossfade is mostly used. To switch back to the live signal a stinger effect is reused. This switching of transition effects can be applied automatically by the software. The software also remembers the last switched source before slow-motion started and switches back to this source after the last slow-motion playback - of course this source can be changed even during the slow-motion playback. This makes working with a slow-motion unit much more straightforward and less prone to error.

Another highlight is clearly at live events where LED walls are used. The well-known problem in this case is, that cameras produce an image - feedback with the LED walls if they capture total images. Our software provides the ability to define these cameras as wide-cameras, and so no wide shot will be switched to the LED Wall feed.

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Download the controlIT-Software
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Video: Installation
Video: Macros
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Where do I have to install the controlIT-software?
On Windows, Mac or Linux.

How works the communication between atem-mixers, hyperdecks, io-boards and the controlIT-software?
All products are ip-based, the communication works via lan.

How many hyperdecks and io-boards can be controlled by the controlIT-software?
As much as you got.

What happens if the Computer gets offline?
A Computer that gets offline does not influence atem-mixers, hyperdecks and io-boards any more - so nothing will happen at all. If you relink the connection, everythink will work on.


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